Jay Nomad Beat Wanna Be Mine

Jay Nomad Releases New Beat "Wanna Be Mine"

Wanna Be Mine” is a recently released single by Jay Nomád. The song launches immediately with a beat that’s catchy as anything. It’s clear just from a few seconds that this artist is also quite a competent producer. Every sound is clean, and all of the elements of the beat and synths fuse together remarkably well. 


The vocals themselves are clean, passionate, rhythmic and tuneful. The chorus is laden with hooks and will definitely become an instant earworm. The beat comes across as fairly straightforward, but there’s plenty to listen for in its complex and well planned arrangement. The middle of the song is nicely broken up with a verse in Spanish. 


True to this artist’s word, there are elements of several genres tastefully blended into this single. There is a definite urban feel, but the pop vibes are also undeniable. There is even a bass guitar, a subtle nod to rock music and instruments that are more traditional. “Wanna Be Mine” has a little bit of everything, and will definitely have you grooving in no time. We highly recommend you check it out and see what else Jay Nomád has to offer!

Listen to Wanna Be Mine Here: